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New Decade, New Direction

A new study released today by The Institute of Leadership & Management, with our partners Triangirls and Amazing If, asked workers to identify the factors that affect their job satisfaction and explored their career plans for the new decade. The research found that getting on well with colleagues gives workers greater job satisfaction than having a good salary.

Highlights include:

• Colleagues have the biggest impact on job satisfaction – good relationships with colleagues is the most important factor with 77 per cent of satisfied workers citing it.
• Amongst ‘satisfied’ people, salary was the eighth most important factor in determining happiness in their job, whereas dissatisfied employees cited it as third.
• The top two career goals for 2020 were expanding professional knowledge (50 per cent) followed by getting better at leading and managing (36 per cent). Nearly a third identified the importance of better work-life balance.
• Only 24 per cent described themselves as ‘very satisfied’ in their current role.


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Kate Cooper – Head of Research, Policy and Standards


Kate Cooper is head of research, policy and standards at The Institute of Leadership & Management where she shapes an innovative research programme to inform, inspire and impact the practice of great leadership wherever it happens.
Kate joined the Institute after a career as a senior academic in a university business school where her focus was strategy, leadership and professional development.
She is a conference keynote speaker and provides expert commentary on a range of topics arising from the Institute’s research agenda. She is regularly quoted in regional, national and international media, has appeared on both BBC television and radio and has a regular column in Dialogue Review, the business magazine for leaders.

Expertise: Kate provides expert commentary, analysis and information on any aspect of workplace leadership and management issues, coaching or enterprise. This includes:

  • Flexible working (including shared parental leave, remote working and flexible hours)
  • Workers’ mental health, neurodiversity and mindfulness
  • Workplace behaviour (for example, office ‘banter’)
  • Gender pay gap
  • Social responsibility
  • Mentoring
  • Employing veterans in civilian jobs
  • Talent development and training
  • Coaching
  • Building workplace trust
  • Gender equality
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Diversity
  • Succession planning
  • Age diverse workplace (from older workers to millennials)


Phil James - CEO


Phil is Chief Executive of The Institute of Leadership & Management.

Phil leads the organisation in its aim to connect like-minded people with the shared purpose of inspiring great leadership everywhere. Previously, Phil was CEO at various professional and awarding bodies in sectors as diverse as construction and social work.

Phil embodies the values of The Institute of Leadership & Management - vision, collaboration, achievement, ownership and authenticity – and encourages these in others.

Expertise: Phil can comment on anything relating to The Institute of Leadership & Management.



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We also support employers and military veterans to give them the help they need to create a smooth and positive move from the Armed Forces into a civilian career.

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