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Showcasing a wide-range of solutions in everything from e-Learning and mobile learning to experiential and classroom learning, the event is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for L&D professionals looking for a complete blend of learning solutions and inspiration.

Let them learn and show your staff they are valued

15th October 2019, 11:30 – 12:00, Theatre 2

Let them learn and show your staff they are valued

We asked over 1400 leaders and managers about their career aspirations and ambitions for 2019. One in three respondents expressed a desire to change their job this year. Nearly three quarters were motivated to make a new start because they felt they could achieve more in their careers. When we further explored the reasons that people gave for wanting to change their jobs, many identified a lack of opportunity for development. It was evident from the research that not only do people want to learn, it is an important non-financial reward, a way to show employees they are valued. 

Kate Cooper, Head of Research, Policy & Standards, The Institute of Leadership and Management

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