Do you know how to build trust with your line manager, your team members or employees? 

Dr Arwen Wilcock, The Institute of Leadership & Management Research Manager will delve into the Institute’s newly published, fascinating ‘Trust in Leaders’ research report findings, exploring the importance of trust in today’s organisations and how to build trust that has been eroded. 
The currently unpublished research (publication date June 4) reveals how trustworthy CEOs and line managers are considered by their employees, compared to findings seven years ago.  
The study, carried out with over 800 of The Institute’s members, also illustrates in which sectors and regions of the UK leaders are most and least trusted and exposes interesting differences in how male and female leaders are trusted. 
Arwen will also clarify the Institute’s recommendations on how to build trust with your colleagues, manager or employees. 


Arwen Wilcock

Dr Arwen Wilcock is the Research Manager at The Institute of Leadership & Management. 


She is an experienced researcher, manager, trainer, teacher and facilitator with a passion for learning. Arwen is fascinated by the boundary between evidence, experience and intuition and is motivated by transitioning research into practice, through applying findings to her own work and helping others recognise where and how they can do the same.


Arwen recently graduated from her MBA and has five degrees, including a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Post Graduate qualifications in Education. She has built her experience working across a range of sectors, putting qualifications into practice during her varied career as a lab based research scientist, secondary school science teacher and through leading a range of complex research and clinical innovation projects and programmes of work delivering change in the health and social care sector.