Relationships and the Technological Interface

There is no doubt that the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) presents significant challenges for leadership. We are increasingly more technologically connected but what does this mean for our working relationships? This conference offers explanations and insights into what these connecting technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, AI, robotics mean for leadership and the implications for the relationships we need to nurture in order to maximise the benefits these technologies offer. What does ‘connected’ mean when the connections we are talking about are those between people?

Join our first conference of 'Leadership of and for the Future' conference series which takes place in Belfast. This event is in partnership with Belfast Metropolitan College.

Note: The event is free for Members of The Institute, Staff and Students at Belfast Met.
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Non-members will be charged a year’s membership fee to attend this event. Fees are charged depending on your membership grade. You will receive full membership benefits for a year. Find out more

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Jo Keeler

Managing Partner, Belbin

Jo Keeler leads strategic and operational activities building the Belbin brand, worldwide. Belbin is a tool that helps individuals and teams reach their potential in the workplace. The Belbin theory proposes that simply putting people together and expecting them to work as an effective team is not enough. Jo helps organisations to form high-performing teams to achieve their business outcomes. 

Jo speaks internationally on the Belbin model and is also a Visiting Fellow at The Cranfield School of Management where she contributes to the Sales Directors Programme.

Kate Cooper

Head of Research, Policy and Standards

Kate shapes an innovative research programme at The Institute of Leadership & Management designed to inform, inspire and impact the practice of great leadership wherever it happens. Her role is informed by her career as a senior academic in a university business school, focusing on strategy, leadership and professional development. 

Kate is also a conference keynote speaker, internationally, and provides expert commentary on a range of topics arising from the Institute’s research agenda. She is regularly quoted in regional, national and international media, has appeared on both BBC television and radio, is a Forbes contributor and has a regular column in Dialogue Review, the business magazine for leaders.

Kieran McCorry

National Technology Officer, Microsoft Ireland

As national technology officer, Microsoft Ireland, Kieran partners with public sector customers to address their technology challenges, realise their opportunities and pursue their priorities. 

Prior to this role he was director of technology programs at DXC Technology, working across a broad spectrum of programs including open source software, digital transformation, innovation, technical career advancement and intellectual property management. Previously, Kieran worked with Hewlett Packard, Compaq and Digital Equipment Corporation collaborating with many of the world’s largest companies. 

He is a frequent conference speaker, internationally, a regular contributor to industry publications, author of four books on messaging technology and has over ten patents pending. 

Ronan Leonard

Podcaster and Technology Journalist, Irish Tech News

Ronan Leonard is a technology journalist and founder and CEO of Tech Doctor Ltd where he is a blogging consultant for technology businesses. He is also a senior writer and podcaster for Irish Tech News, an award-winning, online, technology publication that won the Best Business Digital and Technology Website award, twice in the last three years at the Irish Blog Awards. 

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