Would you like to create a self-sustaining leadership culture? Royston Guest offers his blueprint for leadership development, comprised of seven guiding principles. 

These seven principles explain: 
•    the difference between a ‘performance led’ and a ‘performance managed’ culture
•    the three words which create confusion in developing leadership excellence
•    why you should rethink your leadership structure to allow decision-making to rise to the top 
•    the three ingredients which, when combined with talent, enable high performance leadership. 

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Royston Guest

CEO of Pathways Global

Royston Guest is CEO of Pti Worldwide, a global consultancy and training company which creates sustainable business growth, fast, by unlocking individual potential. 

In the last twenty years he has worked with thousands of individuals in both private and public sector organisations such as EE, the NHS, Barclays and Virgin. It is this extensive experience, across a variety of sectors, which has enabled him to identify a set of distinctions to unlock people potential.

Royston is also the author of business book, ‘Built to Grow’ and his new book ‘Rise: start living the life you were meant to live’.