A fresh take on productivity and prioritisation

Do you ever feel as though you are spinning so many plates that it is only a matter of time before one comes crashing down?
Are you constantly fire-fighting; lurching from one crisis to another?
Or perhaps you have so much on your to-do list that you spend much of your day feeling over-whelmed or beating yourself up that you have not prioritised effectively?
In this webinar, Ben Morton will share a very practical framework to help you shift your focus from time management to priority management.
Peak productivity is not a linear formula whereby if we put more in, we get more out; it is more of a bell curve. If we keep using the same strategies to get more done, this become counter-productive and we burnout.
Let Ben show you a better way of working that will allow you to achieve more while creating a great work-life balance.


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Ben Morton

Ben Morton is a leadership mentor and performance coach.

His experience as a former Captain in the British Army taught him that leadership is both a great privilege and responsibility. His career spans the battlefield and the boardroom: for the past 10 years, Ben has worked with clients such as Samsung, Merlin Entertainment and the Go-Ahead Group, helping senior leaders to lead their teams to great success.

Fundamentally, he believes that leadership is less about tools and models and more about understanding what it truly means to be a leader: great leaders must consider all aspects of their life. Ben helps them to strike the right balance and achieve peak performance, personally and professionally.