After Covid-19: will there be a new normal and what will it look like?

Very soon after lockdown, we began to hear about the 'new normal', a suggestion that things would never go back to normal. This series explores whether there will indeed be a 'new' or maybe a 'back to'.


How to leverage AI to succeed in the new normal

A wholescale shift to digital solutions might accelerate the adoption of AI in previously unanticipated ways. Adam Riccoboni, AI entrepreneur, reveals how AI could enhance all business functions.



Adam Riccoboni

Adam Riccoboni is an AI entrepreneur and author. He is CEO of Critical Future, a technology and strategy consultancy with a strong record in pioneering AI development, where he works with some of the world’s biggest brands

He is the author of the book ‘The AI Age’, and his expert advice was sought by British parliamentarians in April 2020, on how AI can help fight Covid-19.

Adam is also guest lecturer in AI at ESCP Business School.