After Covid-19: will there be a new normal and what will it look like?

Very soon after lockdown, we began to hear about the 'new normal', a suggestion that things would never go back to normal. This series explores whether there will indeed be a 'new' or maybe a 'back to'.


Invisible work - making it visible

John Howkins, a leading figure in the global understanding of work, explains that now traditional workplace structures and expectations have gone, power lies with individuals rather than in the boardroom. The subjective - or invisible - work we do in our heads can be done anywhere. Learn how to bring your invisible work into the world, and how to hire, develop and reward invisible workers. 




John Howkins

John Howkins is a thought-leader on work and creativity, and author of ‘The Creative Economy’, the standard text on the creative industries, and ‘Invisible Work’. ‘Invisible Work’ discusses how this type of work is personal and subjective and cannot be seen – and how we can manage our work’s invisibility.

John’s media career spans TV, film, digital media, publishing and consulting; notably he was chair of the London Film School and chief adviser to HBO and Time Warner for fifteen years. 

He is chairman of the John Howkins Research Centre on the Creative Economy, set up by the Shanghai Municipal Government at the Shanghai School of Creativity, Shanghai Theatre Academy.