After Covid-19: will there be a new normal and what will it look like?

Very soon after lockdown, we began to hear about the 'new normal', a suggestion that things would never go back to normal. This series explores whether there will indeed be a 'new' or maybe a 'back to'.


The future recalibrated - the rise of the 'can do' culture

Ways of working have changed with such speed that previously would not have been thought possible. Futurist Steve Wells asks whether this marks a new way of experiencing organisational change.



Steve Wells

Steve Wells is a keynote speaker, futurist and writer.

Steve has a particular interest in how emerging technology has the capability to change life, society and business, and how mindset and leadership will be the critical enablers of a more human future.

Steve is co-editor and a contributing author of a number of books including ‘The Future of Business’, ‘The Future Reinvented – Reimagining Life, Society and Business’ and ‘A Very Human Future – Enriching Humanity in a Digitized World’.