The Dimensions of Leadership webinar series
In 2018, The Institute of Leadership & Management is launching The Dimensions of Leadership Webinar Series, 49 webinars based on our five dimensions of great leadership: Ownership, Achievement, Collaboration and Vision, with Authenticity at its heart.

Each of the 49 webinars focuses on one of the components of each dimension, highlighting essential learning to assist your leadership development.

Each webinar is FREE to join and lasts 30 minutes, making leadership development accessible for everyone.
Authenticity: Integrity
Integrity is associated with words such as ‘honest’, ‘decent’, ‘ethical’ and ‘moral’. In this webinar you may explore the importance of bringing your values into the workplace and into your relationships with your colleagues so ensuring that your actions do not contradict your values.

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Azadeh Tavousian

Visiting Lecturer London Guildhall Business School

Azadeh Tavousian is a Sales Supervisor in the luxury goods and fashion retail sector across apparel, accessories, cosmetics and fragrance.  She manages marketing and sales brand strategies to create new, high-quality service channels to deliver luxury brands to customers.
Azadeh spent over four years as Senior Sales Supervisor in Fortnum & Mason men’s accessories and clothing before, last year, joining luxury brand Molton Brown as Sales Supervisor.  During this time, she has trained junior team members to ensure their performance meets the high expectations of the luxury goods consumer and the brand, to improve customer service and increase sales.  She is also involved in projects to improve visual merchandising of the brand in-store.
In addition to her professional achievements, Azadeh is active in her community, volunteering as an advisor to disabled people who require extra support in the daily lives, advice or social care.
Azadeh has achieved an MSC in Research and Knowledge Management and an MBA from London Metropolitan University.