Being the best leader you can be in 2021

As 2021 begins in lockdown, join experts in self-awareness, mental health and resilience, physical intelligence, and happiness at work to refocus your priorities, enabling you to energise, inspire and engage better with your colleagues.
Take this opportunity to put self-care at the top of your ‘To Do’ list; ask yourself some tough questions, be honest with your answers, and take away practical strategies to enable you to incorporate self-care into your daily routine.




Abigail Hirshman

Abigail Hirshman is director of workplace mental health and wellbeing programmes at the Charlie Waller Trust.

She has over 25 years’ experience in mental health and wellbeing at work from a clinical, academic and delivery perspective offering consultancy support to global brands on the development and implementation of pragmatic, tailored mental health at work strategies.

Abigail is an active member of several mental health at work networks, developing policies and evidence-based guidance to help shape workplace practice. She is also a keynote speaker at national conferences and a regular media commentator on issues related to mental health at work.

Claire Dale

Claire Dale is a movement specialist, leading exponent of Physical Intelligence, co-author of the book ‘Physical Intelligence’ and founder of Companies in Motion where she coaches leaders of all levels, to achieve peak performance through Physical Intelligence. 

Her charismatic coaching, facilitation and speaker skills have engaged individuals and audiences at companies as diverse as National Express, Sony, Bank of New York Mellon, BAE, SAGE, Coca Cola, JP Morgan and Mars.

James Bolle


James Bolle founded PRPSFL to inspire people to discover Purpose, so they can love work and lead more fulfilling lives. He helps organisations discover Purpose and demonstrates how to embed it in organisations and bring it to life.

Having worked with some of the world’s leading brands, James understands that having a Purpose - a reason to exist beyond making money - enables organisations to create a clear and compelling customer proposition, and inspires people to deliver this rigorously and sustain it over time.

James believes the world will be a better place with more Purpose: organisations will be more successful, economies will be more productive, and individuals will be more fulfilled and contribute more to their communities. 

John Mark Williams


CEO John Williams is a problem solver and strategist who joined The Institute from a career in international business and leadership development across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Far East and North America.

John is a passionate advocate of servant leadership and deeply curious about emergent strategy, predictive analytics, punctuated equilibrium and other baffling business things – he is fascinated by the prospects for artificial intelligence and the future of work.

John holds an MBA from the University of Northumbria and has been guest lecturer in strategy and international business at universities in the UK and Europe for over two decades.

He has appeared on radio and television in the UK and overseas, and has been published in titles including Huffington Post, City AM, Entrepreneur Country Online and others.

Kate Cooper

Head of Research, Policy and Standards

Kate shapes an innovative research programme at The Institute of Leadership & Management designed to inform, inspire and impact the practice of great leadership wherever it happens. Her role is informed by her career as a senior academic in a university business school, focusing on strategy, leadership and professional development. 

Kate is also a conference keynote speaker, internationally, and provides expert commentary on a range of topics arising from the Institute’s research agenda. She is regularly quoted in regional, national and international media, has appeared on both BBC television and radio, is a Forbes contributor and has a regular column in Dialogue Review, the business magazine for leaders.

Matt Phelan

Matt Phelan is co-founder and head of global happiness at The Happiness Index where he is responsible for the global expansion of the business. Matt is also founder of The Happiness and Humans Community, host of the Happiness and Humans podcast and author of the book ‘Freedom To Be Happy: The Business Case for Happiness’.

Nerina Ramlakhan

Dr Nerina Ramlakhan  is a neurophysiologist who specialises in maximising individual and organisational performance through her organisational consultancy, workshop facilitation and coaching.  

After completing her post-doctoral training and research into the effects of lifestyle interventions on the alleviation of mental disorders, she worked in corporate health screening and studied organisational psychiatry and psychology at Guys Hospital. 

For over a decade she worked with the Nightingale Psychiatric Hospital in London on their sleep, energy and physical health programmes to support mental wellbeing. 

LinkedIn profile - Dr Nerina Ramlakhan

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