Conflict may occur in a group of people working together, even if they all share a common goal, measurable targets and a clear vision. Many leaders try to avoid conflict at all costs and when it arises tend to manage disagreements inappropriately. Dealing with conflict constructively can lead to increased productivity, new ideas being generated and personal development for all team members. 


David Liddle

David Liddle is founder and CEO of The TCM Group, a conflict management, cultural change and leadership development consultancy.

Here, he aims to reduce the negative impact of conflict, bullying and change at work by creating the conditions for employees and managers to have better conversations. Frustrated with the adversarial systems for addressing issues in the workplace, David launched his ground-breaking Resolution Policy™ in 2014, which numerous organisations have since adopted to replace their discipline and grievance procedures.

Inspired by positive psychology, mindfulness and emotional intelligence, David has also developed a radical new technique for resolving conflict at work. The FAIR Model™ is used by several thousand organisations to underpin the development of ‘Fair and Just Organisational Cultures’.

David is author of ‘Managing Conflict’ and is finishing his second book ‘Managing Culture’.