Negotiation is a skill that is developed at a young age and when negotiation is undertaken in the workplace, it is often a complex and demanding process. It can be easy to get stuck in a particular way of thinking about how to negotiate, which can limit your efficiency and capability, so it is important to develop your negotiation skills through training and practice.


Alison Matthias

Director Equal 2 Ltd & Corporate Director at the Association of Professional Sales

As Head of Sales Academy at CPM UK, Europe’s largest field marketing agency, Alison Matthias has been responsible for negotiating, consulting and developing sales and leadership programmes for blue chip field sales teams and contact centres internationally. 

Alison’s passion for tracking ROI and creating meaningful and lasting behavioural change led her to found Equal 2 Ltd to spend time researching and developing innovative techniques that stand the test of today’s challenging, changing workplace. As an Insights Discovery, MBTI, NLP practitioner and coach with 15 years experience, Alison has teamed up with likeminded academics to create innovative and research led ideas for developing teams involved in influencing, managing, selling and negotiating.