Quality Conversations: How to Disagree Well

“Confrontation is a choice that we make as human beings. Every day, we choose how we react, how we behave and how we speak to others. In conflict, we can choose to respond rather than react, and collaborate rather than confront.”  - David Liddle, CEO and Founder of The TCM Group.
In this unique webinar, hosted by workplace conflict and culture transformation expert, David Liddle, you will be introduced to a variety of practical tools to support leaders in navigating the complex maze of difficult conversations, managing performance and giving bad news.
The ability to have good quality conversations is one of the cornerstones of effective management and leadership. Conflicts both at work, and throughout our personal lives are somewhat inevitable, however, the ability to disagree well can prove critical in remaining productive and collaborative when disputes do arise.
So, join us online, as David helps you understand how to prevent workplace conflicts escalating, understand barriers to communication, and how to handle challenging behaviours.
Please note:  This event is  free to join and is available to members and non members. 
The event is working in collaberation with The TCM Group.

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