Covid-19: what have we learned?

Covid-19: what have we learned? The pandemic has fundamentally altered how we relate to our colleagues and how we think about geographical proximity.  This has led to new leadership challenges and new responses. This series summarises what we have learned so far from our responses to a sudden and unexpected crisis. 


Covid-19 has it led us to a more socially responsible paradigm?

The response of organisations to Covid-19 has been scrutinised by employees and consumers. This webinar explores the possible impact of this scrutiny. 



Henry Leveson-Gower

Henry Leveson-Gower is founder and CEO of Promoting Economic Pluralism and editor of its magazine, The Mint. Here, he works to rethink economics by reforming the teaching, research and analysis carried out by the economics profession, promoting consideration of a broad range of economic methods and other disciplines.

He has been a practising pluralist economist and policy analyst for over 25 years, in environmental policy.

He is particularly interested in institutional design for collective action to catalyse system change, based on his research at the Centre for Evaluation of Complexity Across the Nexus. 

He is a Fellow of the RSA and a qualified chartered accountant.