Emotional Intelligence for happiness,  healthier and even wealth

Find out how the ‘soft skill’ of emotional intelligence could help you feel happier, healthier -and even wealthier! Join Sandra Thompson, the UK’s first Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach as she offers some tips to grow your own emotional intelligence competencies. Attendees will receive follow up packs so you can continue your learning about the power of emotional intelligence. 



Sandra Thompson

Sandra Thompson runs the customer experience consultancy Exceed all Expectations where her clients include Waitrose, Vodafone and Arsenal Football Club. 

She is a lecturer at Pearson College London teaching undergraduates people management and leadership, customer experience and professional behaviours. She also runs her own Applied Customer Experience and Emotional Intelligence postgraduate courses.

Sandra is the first Goleman Emotional Intelligence Coach in the UK and delivered her first TEDx talk this year on emotional intelligence, customer experience and remote work.