Some service leavers connect directly with organisations who target veterans as a pool of talent. 

What qualities make them such desirable employees?   

John and Leigh are also veterans.

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John Chantry

Head of Partner Support

John Chantry is vice president at Barclays Investment Bank, and programme lead for the Veterans Employment Transition Support Initiative (VETS), which is a collaboration of companies that actively support veterans seeking employment.


After 22 years service in the British Army, John joined Barclays as a transformation project manager.


John holds an MBA in Business Administration.

Leigh Harrison

Employer Liaison Lead

Leigh Harrison is the employer liaison lead for the NHS Employers Step into Health programme. He enables NHS organisations to consider the armed forces community as potential employees.


Leigh is a veteran officer of the Royal Navy, where his service included five years as a specialist recruiter.


On leaving the naval service he gained a qualification in human resources management and found employment through the Step into Health pilot programme.