How small inclusion nudges can make a big impact

How do you create that critical feeling of belonging, to attract the very best talent?
Organisations spend millions each year on unconscious bias training, yet very little is moving the needle when it comes to gender equality, BAME, LGBT and people with disability inclusion. In reality, most of our biases are conscious and so it is the responsibility of organisations to develop a conscious inclusion culture and vision.
In this webinar, Joanne Lockwood explains why the current approach is broken: diversity and inclusion is often segregated as an HR function, but it actually sits across the whole business and impacts how we design, deliver and provide support to our customers and stakeholders.
Joanne will be challenging thinking and highlighting strategies so you will leave this webinar with an understanding of:
  • the need for a shared vision for inclusion
  • how small inclusions nudges can make a big impact on achieving the vision
  • why simply hiring diverse talent won't work if the organisation’s culture isn’t fit for purpose.


Joanne Lockwood

 Joanne Lockwood is a leading authority on diversity, inclusion and belonging. She specialises in promoting transgender awareness and supporting organisations in the UK and internationally to challenge bias and develop a vision and strategy for conscious inclusion.


She believes passionately that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect and lives by the mantra “Smile, Engage and Educate”, to promote awareness and understanding, and overcome people’s fear of getting it wrong.


Joanne featured in a Channel 4 documentary ‘The Making of Me’, detailing her own personal gender transition and its impact on those around her.