As a leader or manager do you sometimes feel you are at the mercy of the storm; pushed and pulled by the events and people that surround you?
In this webinar, Paul explains that this is because you have not yet found the levers you can pull - your superpowers you can call on - or worked out how to use them for the greater good. 

You will identify the real power you have as a manager, how to access that power as well as discover a simple tool to find the power levers. 
Join this webinar to find out what your ‘super manager’ powers are. 


Paul Matthews

People Alchemy’s founder and CEO

Paul Matthews is a learning and development expert and CEO of People Alchemy Ltd. He works with organisations to increase performance by capitalising on the potential of informal learning and people’s capabilities. 

Paul is also a best-selling author and keynote speaker. His three books focus on learning transfer, informal learning, performance consultancy, workflow learning and the effectiveness of learning and development in a time of fast-paced change.  
Paul brings ideas alive using storytelling and offers practical tools and tips that leaders and managers can immediately implement to see better results.