In this webinar, Jeremy will explain some simple yet highly effective steps which can be taken by all leaders and managers, to find out what really motivates each of your team members and how to use this knowledge to engage them.

Many senior leaders say how important their employees are; some even refer to them as the organisation’s biggest asset and there is ample evidence of the benefits to all parties of having an engaged workforce, yet does the behaviour of senior leaders always reflect this knowledge?


Jeremy Lazarus

Jeremy Lazarus is director of the Lazarus Consultancy Limited a training and coaching company specialising in providing coaching and mentoring qualifications, NLP-related training, and performance coaching. 

He is an executive business coach, coach trainer and NLP trainer for blue chip companies, SMEs, NHS Trusts, charities, sports coaches and elite athletes. 

He is also a guest lecturer at UK universities and a best-selling author.