How to identify and manage stress

Be honest – have you ever taken a day off work because of stress? You are not alone. Every year, approximately 10 million working days are lost due to work-related stress. Would you like to recognise the early warning signs and be able to manage it better?
This webinar will explain exactly what stress is and help you identify your personal triggers and its signs and symptoms. Using her knowledge of neuroscience and leadership, and mindfulness, Michelle McArthur will introduce you to the science of stress, explaining when it is healthy and unhealthy.
You will leave this webinar not only with a better understanding of how stress affects you and your teams but, importantly, with ways of identifying the early warning signs and how to better manage your own stress levels and those of your teams.



Michelle McArthur-Morgan

Professional facilitator and mental health first aider, Michelle McArthur-Morgan is Head of Customer Success at [email protected]  Michelle is the creator of  the Jigsaw Discovery Tool,  a tactile, interactive and exciting way to learn about self and others, increase mindful working practices, build stronger relationships, and highly effective teams.

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