How to kick procrastination in the pants!

Do you ever settle down to work, intending to get the important things done, but find yourself putting out fires and attending to trivial things?

Do you have days when you work in super-slow ‘snail’ mode and can’t get into the groove?

Do you feel overwhelmed by other people’s constant demands and flounder when you most need to be decisive?

In this webinar, Andrew Pain explains precisely, how to eradicate procrastination from your life, how to rediscover five hours of lost time every week and how to master your self-discipline with a game-changing strategy. You will take away practical ideas which you can use immediately to take back control of your life and get more done but without getting busier or burnt out.

Be ready to experience the unexpected!




Andrew Pain

Andrew Pain is a high-performance coach, TEDx speaker and productivity expert whose clients include the NHS, The Cooperative Bank, RBS, Lloyds, Compassion UK and a variety of entrepreneurs, schools, colleges and medium sized businesses.  

The world of work today expects leaders to be always in communication, to go the extra mile and to get things done with minimal resources. So, how do you develop yourself and your team and deliver to high standards, while nurturing your own sanity, health and precious relationships?  

Andrew provides strategies and techniques to achieve what you want, without getting busier or burnt out.