The business case for a diverse and inclusive workforce is persuasive not least in terms of increased innovation and enhanced customer service.

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Eden Charles

Managing Director & Senior Consultant

Eden Charles is recognised as a thought leader in the area of Organisational Development and Leadership Development as it impacts strategy generally and equality, diversity and inclusion in particular. His perspectives and practice integrates the political, psychological and the sociological into a practice that goes beneath the surface and achieves outstanding results. He has worked as a consultant and developer of leaders for over 25 years. He has designed and facilitated some of the most successful and innovative approaches to culture change and to positive action programmes in this country. 

Eden works with leaders in a number of development interventions addressing some of the most complex and difficult issues facing their organisations and wider society. He has been coach and consultant to chief executives, leaders of multi-national organisations, to senior managers and senior teams from a variety of sectors and countries. His clients include leading organisations from nearly every sector of society including the armed forces, NGO’s, police forces, the NHS, BBC & Channel 4, financial institutions, the oil industry, academic institutions and national and local government. His achievements include working at number 10 Downing Street on a culture change project and assisting the leadership of the NHS in the development of strategies for effective culture change.Eden recognises that organisations are complex adaptive human processes and that the most important areas to address when seeking to enable change are cultural. His approach is inclusive, appreciative and optimistic. He believes that people are capable of greatness and that assisting them re-engage with their values, aspirations, creativity, responsibility, power and dreams for humanity can enable real change to take place in the most ‘stuck’ of situations. He combines this with a deep practicality and humour that enables him to engage people in positively experiencing the changes they seek to enable.

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