The business case for a diverse and inclusive workforce is persuasive not least in terms of increased innovation and enhanced customer service.

Our Leading Inclusively FREE webinar series focuses on the various aspects of a truly diverse  workplace. We give practical information, advice and guidance for leaders who want to ensure they access and utilise all available talent.



Ryan Sharman

Ryan Sharman is a People and Organisation Development Consultant at the University of Birmingham. He is a senior business coach, facilitator and change agent with 15 years; experience within local government, third sector and higher education contexts. Sharman has an impressive academic record, holding a First Class BSc in Sports and Materials Science and two MSc distinctions in Public Management and International Development.

He is the University of Birmingham’s ILM centre manager, providing opportunities to work towards ILM qualifications at a range of levels. Sharman specialises in 1-1 and team coaching and is motivated to support others in realising their unique potential. He is a father of two and is a strong advocate in helping others to align their individual purpose, mission and values with those of their workplace.

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