Leaders demonstrate ownership by knowing when to make decisions. The process of making decisions is about selecting the best choice from all the available alternatives.

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Professor Rebecca Boden

Director, Equal2 Ltd & leads a research programme at the University of Tampere

Rebecca has a PhD in public administration, used to be a senior tax inspector with HMRC and has spent the majority of her career as an academic researcher in business schools – the last twenty years as a professor. She currently leads an €8m research programme at the University of Tampere in Finland that aims to regenerate and renew social science research across the university. She is an internationally known author on subjects as diverse as SMEs and in-work social welfare payments, trade credit, and the financing and management of universities. Rebecca is also a director of a new start-up Equal2 Ltd, which aims to promote behavioural change in sales through training. 
Rebecca’s research has focused on the ways in which organisations and the people within them make – or don’t make – decisions. This includes hard structural factors, such as finance, but also the ‘softer’ issues such as culture or power dynamics. She is particularly interested in how collaborative decision-making processes are led and the ways in which these might lead to better decision making. This webinar will draw extensively on real-world examples from Rebecca’s research.