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Reimagine Leadership with Dr Jim Hamill

Every month, the Institute of Leadership & Management's CEO, John Mark Williams, is joined by senior leaders from around the world to discuss their real-life experiences of everyday leadership practice, challenge outdated leadership practices and offer a fresh take on the issues that today's leaders face.

On this live session of Leadership at the Edge, the Institute of Leadership & Management’s CEO, John Mark Williams, joined by Director of Reimagine Leadership, Dr Jim Hamill, explore:
  • The impact of the 'great resignation',
  • The feasibility of the 4-day work week, and
  • The growing empowerment of employees.
We invite you to join the discussion on LinkedIn Live where you can submit questions, and share thoughts directly with both speakers.

Join the conversation on LinkedIn Live.

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Dr Jim Hamill

Dr Jim Hamill

Director at Reimagine-Leadership

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