Resilience: learn to lead, not to cope 

''What is the root cause of your stress? Usually the things that are most important to us cause us the most stress; our relationships, our homelife, our work environment. 
Would you like to face the challenges that are causing you such stress, work through them and make them go away? 
In this webinar you’ll learn how to grow as a leader, to strategically influence better, to tackle relationship problems more competently and to change your environment so that ultimately the root cause of your stress has moved on.''





Nick Mayhew

Managing Director, Alembic Strategy

Nick Mayhew is CEO of Alembic Strategy, a leadership and change practice, where he leads the strategy, change and mergers and acquisitions work, as well as offering strategic coaching.
Following 16 years as an equity partner at an accounting firm, becoming founder of Alembic Strategy fulfils a lifelong passion of Nick’s for helping people, especially leaders and their organisations, who want to be better.