The delegation dilemma: you know you should but fear they won’t

Have you ever thought: “If you want a job doing properly, then do it yourself.” Or maybe, “The last time I asked him to do it, he messed it up and I spent ages sorting it out.” Or wished, “I’d love to delegate more but my team are barely coping as it is.”
Delegation is a challenge and a risk for leaders but without delegation the consequences are under-performing teams who resent you for not trusting them; disempowered teams who rely on you as the only person to take the initiative; stressed out leaders who juggle too many jobs; and under-developed teams, deprived of the opportunity to stretch themselves.
There is a way in which you can delegate your tasks and ensure that they are done on time and to the standard you want, whilst also developing your relationship with your team.
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Andrew Pain

Andrew Pain is a high-performance coach, TEDx speaker and productivity expert whose clients include the NHS, The Cooperative Bank, RBS, Lloyds, Compassion UK and a variety of entrepreneurs, schools, colleges and medium sized businesses.  

The world of work today expects leaders to be always in communication, to go the extra mile and to get things done with minimal resources. So, how do you develop yourself and your team and deliver to high standards, while nurturing your own sanity, health and precious relationships?  

Andrew provides strategies and techniques to achieve what you want, without getting busier or burnt out.  

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