Rowena currently specialises in coaching High Performance Coaches and Managers across a range of sports. She works to help them create environments, through what they say and what they do, which maximise talent development and get top World medal results, in the long term.

In her various roles, Rowena has spent many years of researching, exploring and testing what makes exceptional performance happen - She likes to win, she likes the people she works with to win! She believes that it is not just in sport that the performance principles can be applied. As a professional speaker, Rowena now shares the performance “tools” learnt through sport to help others deal with the challenges faced in business and real life, when they want to be the best they can be.


Rowena Birch

Olympian, Talent and Leadership Development, Speaker, Vice President British Judo

Rowena Birch was crowned the European Judo Champion in 1994 and took part in the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, USA. Rowena will be using her experience gained from elite sports to inspire both pupils and colleagues and how to adopt such approaches in your own class and staff rooms. Themes will include decentralising power, improving focus, increasing trust, and building resilience.

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