Mental Toughness is an aspect of our personality which determines how we deal with stress, pressure and challenge and how we can see change as an opportunity to grow and to develop.
A major research and development project, based on practice over the past 15 years, led by Doug Strycharczyk and supported by an elite academic team led by Prof Peter Clough (Huddersfield University) and Dr John Perry (Mary Immaculate College, Ireland) reviewed the model and found that we can take the Mental Toughness concept to the next level.

This means that the 4Cs framework can now be expanded into an 8-factor MTQ framework enabling users to dig deeper into understanding “how we think”. It is a major development in helping practitioners understand why their clients behave the way they do and why they respond emotionally the way they do.

Join Doug on this webinar and learn:

  • What is the mental toughness concept and how recent developments have enhanced this?
  • The applications and what this means for the world of coaching, training and teaching and for people and organisational development
  • How to assess and develop using the new MTQPlus measure and framework

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Douglas Strycharczyk

Doug is the CEO for AQR International - founded in 1989, AQR is now recognised as one of the most innovative (and fast growing) test publishers in the world working in more than 80 countries.
AQR established its reputation initially as a leader in Team Building and Leadership Development. His work has been featured on BBC Television where Prof John Adair described the material as "highly effective".
In recent years, Doug has worked with Professor Peter Clough to define mental toughness and to create the world's leading measure of mental toughness. Doug is now recognised as a leading authority on the application of mental toughness to organisations of all types and to the world of education.