Wellbeing plays a central role in creating flourishing societies. Focusing on wellbeing at work can help working individuals to feel happy, competent and satisfied in their roles. 
For decades, companies have tried to foster these qualities through employee engagement strategies. But improving wellbeing at work requires a more rounded approach that focusses on helping employees to: 

  • Flourish and take pride in their roles within the organisational system. 
  • Strengthen their personal resources by addressing stress and the adverse effect it can have on mental wellbeing. 
  • Function to the best of their abilities, both as individuals and in collaboration with their colleagues.

Join us in this free 30- minute webinar with speaker Louise Aston, Wellbeing Director at Business in the Community.

Line managers are under pressure to support employees’ wellbeing and yet many feel ill-equipped to spot the warning signs or even manage their own mental wellbeing.
  • Louise will talk about the crucial role line managers’ play in employee mental wellbeing, and the support employers can give them in this for the benefit of both their team members and for themselves.
  • Discuss how, one in six of the working age population is suffering from a mental health condition. And explain that last year alone, stress accounted for 43% of all working days lost due to ill yet 95% of employees cited a different reason for their absence.
  • The webinar will also allow for questions on current workplace wellbeing practices

Webinar Recording

Wellbeing at Work: Why We Need to Talk about Mental Health

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Louise Aston


Louise is a well networked, high profile ambassador for health and wellbeing with a proven track record as an outstanding innovator in the private and public sector. Operating at Board level, a skilled influencer, with a demonstrable track record of creating and delivering business case led and people focused solutions. A passionate and creative campaigner, Louise has been responsible for translating Government policy into award winning consumer friendly campaigns including Five A Day, FRANK and Don’t Give Up Giving Up. Experience of working in partnership with complex stakeholders including business, Government Departments, patient groups, trade bodies and third sector organisations towards a common purpose.

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