World Mental Health Day takes place on October 10, 2018. 
This webinar is Simulated Live. 

• Mental health costs the UK £70 billion per year, equivalent to 4.5% of GDP. 
• Mental ill health costs each employer £1,035 per employee, per year. 
• 3 in 5 managers are concerned about the impact of long working hours on their stress levels. 

Jaan will talk about the ways in which employers can inspire a cultural change within their organisations through the use of staff training, creating mental health champions and story-telling initiatives. The webinar will focus on practical things that employers can do to reduce stigma, encourage disclosure and improve policies and procedures to support staff who might be experiencing a mental health issue. 


Jaan Madan

Jaan has worked with Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) England in various roles over the past eight years, including sitting on the National Training Team and delivering courses to the adult, youth and Armed Forces sectors. More recently Jaan has been working with the MHFA Workplace team to develop a strategic approach to the delivery of training to public and private sector employees. Prior to joining MHFA England Jaan held a variety of roles relating to the delivery of mental health services including Substance and Misuse Services and Children and Young People’s Services. Jaan is also a registered Applied Suicide Intervention Skills (ASIST) Instructor.