• 01 September 2021

Q&A with Giedre Vasiliauskaite

Critical thinking themed Q&A inspired by the ‘Leadership at the edge’ interview with John Mark Williams, CEO, Institute of Leadership & Management and Giedre Vasiliauskaite.



  • 26 August 2021

Critical Thinking with Giedre Vasiliauskaite.

Welcome to the 6th episode of leadership at the edge. Our regular podcast on the issues facing leadership in the weird and wonderful future that lies before us.

Leadership at the edge

  • 03 August 2021

How to manage impostor syndrome in the recovery.

Asking leaders to coach their younger selves has led coaching experts Dr Phil Renshaw and Dr Jenny Robinson to uncover fascinating insights on the workings of impostor syndrome. Here, they explain how the problem arises – and how managing it will help leaders tackle the recovery.


  • 22 June 2021

4 steps to successful innovation.

To thrive, businesses must keep innovating to attract and retain customers. A lack of innovation can result in outdated processes and an organisation that fails to satisfy.


  • 17 August 2020

Is it wise for a leader to hire their harshest critic?

Joe Biden’s move to hire critic and former Presidential rival Kamala Harris as his running mate has met with acclaim. Under what conditions can it benefit a leader to hire a critic?


  • 21 November 2019

Why leaders’ approach to values is as crucial as the values themselves

Gaming company Blizzard’s treatment of a star gamer has sparked a controversy over values, with employees and users alike signalling their outrage. What are the lessons?


  • 07 November 2019

What does WeWork strife tell leaders about governance?

Governance issues at office-sharing firm WeWork have cost its investor $4.6bn. What must leaders learn from how the once hotly tipped company landed its backer in trouble?