• 24 October 2019

Why leaders must develop a passion for compassion

Benevolent and paternalistic leadership styles almost always have positive impacts upon employees’ job performance, according to new research from Binghamton University.



  • 31 October 2022

How mentorship provides shelter at a time of conflict.

Lidiia Litvinova was running personal development courses for young people in Ukraine – but their emphasis quickly changed with the outbreak of war, she explains.


  • 10 March 2021

Introducing Mentoring


  • 01 March 2021

Is remote working bad for mentoring?

Remote working is an “aberration” that has negative impacts upon mentoring and working relationships in general, according to Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon. Is he right?


  • 01 April 2020

Being a great colleague: Mentoring

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  • 14 November 2019

How should FTSE firms get more women into the executive pipeline?

FTSE firms are set to achieve 33% female board membership by the end of 2020 – but are lagging behind when it comes to senior exec roles, says the Hampton-Alexander Review


  • 07 October 2019

Why zero-tolerance policies on racism aren’t enough

Some 97% of employers in the latest Race at Work survey have zero-tolerance policies on racist bullying – yet one in four BAME employees are still experiencing racial harassment