Inspiring today’s young women to be leaders of the future in Ukraine

Ukraine’s School of Aesthetics and Harmonious Personality Development’s founder Lidiia Litvinova shares some of the challenges of young people, especially girls,  growing up in Ukraine today,  and what is, and needs to be done to help them develop into future leaders.



Lidiia Litvinova

Lidiia Litvinova is the founder and a coach at the School of Aesthetics and Harmonious Personality Development in Rivne, Ukraine, where her focus is to empower girls to be the best version of themselves.

She enables young people, particularly girls, to become well-adapted members of society and leaders in their chosen field, by learning to be confident, kind and respectful.

Lidiia was awarded ‘Successful Woman’ 2019, from the Union of Women Rivne, for her positive impact on the development of young people.