The value of education

Drawing on personal experience, Sarah and Rebecca discuss the importance of education in transforming even the most difficult of starts in life.



Sarah Kalumba

Country manager for Georges Malaika Foundation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Sarah Kalumba is the country manager for Georges Malaika Foundation in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 
As a woman and mother of two, Sarah knows how hard life can be for those less fortunate. To Sarah, Malaika represents a refuge for those who seek to overcome the many barriers in life that stem from a lack of education and self-esteem. 

In her leadership role at Malaika she aims to make a positive impact in the lives of the children at the school and in the local community of Kalebuka, to help make their futures brighter. She believes that everyone has the right to become whatever they wish, and it is the responsibility of those who are able to help, to assist those who need support.

Rebecca Kabuya Mbayo

Rebecca Kabuya Mbayo is the eleventh of twelve children and was born in the peaceful mining town of Kambove in the Katanga Province, DRC. She graduated in Special Pedagogy from the English and African Cultures School, Institut Supérieur Pédagogique in Lubumbashi. She has teaching experience in the English school setting of Little Angels where English is the medium of instruction and brings her expertise in this field to boost the confidence and language skills of the students at the Malaika School for Girls.

Rebecca knows how important education and relationship are, and this is one of the reasons she chose a teaching career. Despite their illiteracy, Rebecca’s parents took great pride in providing a good education to all of their 12 children which inspired Rebecca and is something that she can relate to with the students. Along with teaching, Rebecca is interested in projects addressing social justice, violence against women and children, and women empowerment.

Rebecca leads the English language instruction at Malaika and works closely with our Headmaster and Country Manager to strengthen our English language program and prepare the students for post-secondary studies.  Rebecca recently travelled to Kinshasa, DRC and Nairobi, Kenya to meet with partner organizations in the interest of learning and sharing ideas around girl centered schools and programs.