The value of integrity to scandal-proof your company

Misconduct is inevitable, a scandal is not. Wishful thinking is not a strategy for success but a recipe for failure, José offers his seven-step plan for reform to institutionalise good conduct.



José Hernandez

Founder of his own crisis response consultancy, Ortus Strategies.

José Hernandez is founder of his own crisis response consultancy, Ortus Strategies. José grew up in El Salvador and witnessed the business his father worked for collapse due to corruption and war, plunging his entire town into destitution. After emigrating to Canada he became a partner at PWC, and achieved a PhD in fraud. José was founding partner of FGI Europe, a consultancy focused on strategy and crisis management set up with former FBI Director Louis Freeh, and still acts as a senior advisor for Freeh Group International Solutions, a global crisis management and risk management consulting firm. José is the representative for Chartered Professional Accountants Canada on the federal government’s Advisory Committee on Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing and is the author of ‘Broken Business: Seven Steps to Reform Good Companies Gone Bad’.

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