Values management: enabling resilience and growth

Ulf explores the role of behavioural economics in corporate decision-makers and the inability of decision makers to make logical decisions.  He encourages us to foster  the values that create a culture where active thinking is encouraged and we can learn how to analyse the world around us without preconceived assumptions.



Ulf Löwenhav

Managing Partner, Aalto Capital


Ulf Löwenhav is a managing partner of Aalto Capital Group and an investment banking and strategy advisor. 

In his debut book ‘The Power of Active Thinking’, Ulf analyses the practical implications of behavioural economics among decision makers. Based on research conducted at Henley Business School, and lectures on behavioural governance at the Stockholm Business School, Ulf shows readers how to become resilient contrarian and make better decisions through the power of active, creative and engaged thinking.  

He is also an adjunct professor of behavioural economics at Stockholm Business School and a research associate and Doctor of Business Administration candidate at Henley Business School, focusing on strategic financial decisions.