In November 2020, we conducted a satisfaction survey to understand what our customers feel about Membership and whether it enhances their leadership capability.

Here's what we found out...

74% said they feel their leadership capability has improved.

75% said they are better equipped to deal with challenges.


76% said their confidence has increased.

89% said they are likely to retain their professional membership.

82% said they are satisfied or very satisfied with their membership.
(an increase of 3% from last year)


89% said they would be very likely or likely to recommend us.
(an increase of 4% from last year)


Where can we improve.

You’ve given us some great feedback on how we can do better, which we’re starting to work on already. But there's still room for improvement. Here’s a couple of areas we’re focussing on...

An engaged community.

You told us you'd like to see more opportunities for community engagement with your peers and the opportunity to access a mentor or coach. 
We're evaluating what we can do to support you in these areas over the coming months. 

Stay in the loop.

You told us that you're not always aware of all the benefits on offer with The Institute, or how to find them. 
We're working on building a better Account page, which will bring everything you have access to, readily available in one place, helping you to better navigate relevant tools and services.


What our members had to say...

Many professional bodies act in a passive way, The Institute encourages people to self develop by providing the means to do it. I am a member of 6 professional bodies, The Institute seems to be the most proactive I've seen so far.

The Institute provides continual access to highly informative web sessions and forums. You feel valued as a member and the price of membership is excellent.

Training is the best investment any leader can make, be it for themselves or their staff. The Institute are a professional, reputable organisation that helps bring together learning opportunities.

I believe The Institute engages in empowering leaders, helping them to take a deep dive into their insights through articles, blogs and various learning options. Empowered leaders are essential for every organisation and the society in itself as they help empower their peers, colleagues and teams.

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