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Ready to Lead: Be Resilient, Agile & Future Ready.
This FREE course equips aspiring, new and experienced leaders and managers with essential knowledge and skills to help navigate 2022 and beyond - Only 4 hours of learning, plus digital credentials to share your success.  
We created this short course in recognition of the challenging and rapidly changing landscape that people are working in, and to advance our mission to inspire great leadership, everywhere.



How good are your leadership skills?

Test yourself with MyLeadership - Not your average e-learning tool
We have identified 49 stand-alone components of leadership, which we have grouped into 5 Dimensions of Leadership. Each component has its own set of multi-media resources to suit your learning style at a pace that you manage.
Test yourself in each component  and when you've met the standard in each dimension, book a conversation with an Institute approved certifier and gain independent recognition of your up to date leadership knowledge and capability. 
We've packaged up one leadership component 'Self Awareness', to give you a FREE easy way of sampling our expert learning resources, all in one place.



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Take our  FREE 10 minute leadership profile questionnaire to see how well you match up against our 5 Dimensions of Leadership: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration.  


Leadership Opportunities – A free, rapid assessment tool

Identify how and where you lead with this FREE assessment tool. Receive our personalised report in less than 10 minutes. There's no limit to how many times you can use this tool so you can keep track of your leadership learning progress. 


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Join us for our live, FREE 30-minute leadership webinars or catch up on past webinars, at a time to suit you.



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Listen to our FREE leadership and management podcasts, discussing current leadership news and though-provoking topics.



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Read our FREE blogs on voices from our community, leadership tips, hints and how to's and trending topics.




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FREE short course - available to all.

Feel ready to lead in 2022 with this free short course. 'Ready to Lead: Be Resilient, Agile and Future Ready' equips you with all the leadership knowledge you need in just 4 hours.



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