Leadership Essentials: Communicating

Communicating with someone means sharing or exchanging information, for example by speaking, writing, or using technology. The sender has a message to convey and needs to decide how to ‘transmit’ it, for example, oral communication via telephone, face to face, team briefing, or written communication via email, text, document. The encoding of a message is the production of the message and the decoding is how the receiver is able to understand and interpret the message. Only when the receiver gives a response does the communication become two way.

‘Leadership Essentials: Communicating’ provides an overview of why communicating is essential for leadership capability and includes ‘Top Tips’ on how communicating effectively can help you become a better leader.

The Essentials leaflet is supported by three Spotlights that look at communicating in more detail to help you improve your leadership skills:

  • Formal and Informal Communication
  • NVC
  • Presentation Skills

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