Our flagship e-learning tool - MyLeadership

Be challenged, learn, get recognised

MyLeadership is an online learning experience made up of 3 distinct parts – MyLeadership Development, MyLeadership Profile and MyLeadership Opportunities.

Together they form a powerful combination, helping you appreciate how you already demonstrate leadership, identify your knowledge gaps, and gain recognition of what you have learned.

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Learning resources - Dimensions of Leadership

Push your knowledge further

The Dimensions of Leadership is a unique learning resource which is based on our extensive research into the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours and values of successful leaders.

We have identified 49 components of leadership, grouped into 5 Dimensions. Each component has three Spotlights that delve deeper into key topics, giving you knowledge and skills to become a better leader.

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Embed your understanding

We have prepared a series of worksheets, not only to assist with embedding new knowledge but also to aid the process of reflection. Each Worksheet has an accompanying Spotlight resource which highlights the points to remember and the issues to think about. 

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Free Webinars

Get involved and learn

Our free learn-at-lunch webinars air Wednesdays at 12:30-13:00, exploring key leadership topics.

Alternatively, catch up on previous leadership webinars OR join us at our dynamic and topical leadership events.

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Online Courses

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC's) -  a great way of learning

MOOCs are delivered either as structured courses, or as self-paced programs with access to banks of materials online. 

The underlying principle is accessibility for all, although many MOOCs  now adopt a two-tier structure; where access to course materials is usually available free of charge, but you can pay a fee for access to additional benefits such as tutorial support or even formal accreditation.

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EDGE Online - Leadership Journal

Keep informed of current research and best practice

View the latest and previous editions of our quarterly leadership journal, EDGE. Packed full of insights, the latest research and guest contributors. 

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Leadership Challenges

Supporting your workplace issues

Leadership is frequently challenging. Our members often share these challenges with us and we are building up a series of responses to the types of challenge our members ask us about. These responses offer immediate insight and some more detailed resources.

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