Membership grades

We have a grade to suit all levels of experience and qualification. What’s more, you can join at any time in your career and upgrade as you progress.
As a professional member, you will have access to a wide range of benefits including our Dimensions of Leadership and a varied events programme for as little as £2 per week.

Contact our Membership Team on 01543 266886 to find out more.

Affiliate Member (AInstLM)

Affiliate Membership is for new or aspiring managers. To be eligible, you will need to have been a manager for up to three years

Fees: £102 per year


Member (MInstLM)

Established managers qualify for this grade. You’ll be eligible if you have: five or more years’ experience AND at least a Level 3 qualification in Leadership and/or Management (A level equivalent), OR at least 20 days’ Continuing Personal Development (CPD) in the past five years.

Fees: £102 per year


Associate Member (AMInstLM)

This level is for experienced managers who have one of the following: at least five years’ management experience, OR a Level 3 qualification, in Leadership and/or Management (A level equivalent) OR
20 days’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the past five years.

Fees: £102 per year 


Fellowship (FInstLM)

Highly experienced senior managers can apply for Fellowship of the Institute. This highest level of membership formally recognises a combination of exceptional senior management experience, Continuing Personal Development (CPD), and qualifications. Fellows are also entitled to extra resources.

You can acquire this grade if you have: at least seven years’ management experience, including five years as a senior manager AND either a management-related qualification at Level 5 or above (Vocational or Foundation degree), or at least 35 days’ CPD within the last seven years.

Fees: £138 per year 



Other membership

Studying Membership

While you’re working towards an ILM qualification, you’re eligible for FREE Studying Membership.

This gives you complimentary access to a full range of exclusive online resources, benefits, and events to help you to successfully complete your qualification. 




Armed Forces Membership

Membership of the Institute offers an excellent platform to transition from the Forces into a civilian career. Map your military rank and qualifications to a membership grade and get your management skills acknowledged.

Fees: All grades (except Fellow) are £92 per year. 




Common membership questions

How to join the Institute of Leadership & Management

You can sign up online through this website for all membership grades by completing the simple on-line membership joining form and making payment. 

If you are an experienced senior manager with 5 years+ senior management experience you should consider joining the Institute of Leadership & Management as a Fellow. In order to be eligible you will also need to confirm you have a degree-level management-related qualification or 35 days' CPD. All fellowship applications are reviewed by a panel of peers and this process can take a little longer to complete. If you do not wish to apply for fellowship, you can still join as a member.

How long will my membership last and when does it start?

A membership subscription is for a 12-month period from the date of payment of the annual subscription.

Can I still become a member even though I am retired?

Yes - retiring is no barrier to joining the Institute of Leadership & Management, whether you are joining us for the first time or renewing a long-standing membership. We actively encourage your participation – we appreciate that you can share your experience and expertise. We aim to be very flexible and can offer reduced rates - please just contact us to let us know on or call us on 01543 266886.  Retirement also includes early retirement on grounds of health.

The current unemployed/retired rate is £47

Does the Institute offer a reduced rate for unemployment or career breaks?

Yes if you are out of work or taking a career break we can offer you discounted membership for 12 months.  

If you remain unemployed or on a career break, please contact us before your membership renewal date to discuss whether an extension at the reduced rate is possible.


Need Help?

If you're interested in becoming a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management or you have any enquiries, please contact our Membership Team on 01543 266886

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