Our approach

The Institute of Leadership & Management considers implementation implications to be an essential part of the research process and seeks to bridge the gap between the academic 'what should happen' and the practical 'making it happen' , this practical orientation underpins all our research activities.

Open access to research

Our reports are freely available to download, copy and use for personal development, or in training and development activities. All we ask is that The Institute of Leadership & Management is credited when any of the content is used or referenced, and you include a link to the research report from this website.

Work with us

We are always looking for people to collaborate with on our research activities. Together, we can explore ways to inspire great leadership and help leaders transform their potential  and the potential of the people they work with.

Please email: research@InstituteLM.com


Mind Culture

  • 27 September 2017

Untapped Talent: Can the over 50s bridge the leadership skills gap?

Despite an identified leadership talent gap, older workers are often being overlooked when it comes to being seen as having the potential to progress through an organisation.

Flexible working: Goodbye nine to five

Once seen as something only for carers or the less career-minded, flexible working is steadily becoming the norm across the board.