Career relaunch strategist Joseph Liu reveals how you can successfully relaunch your career following 7 simple principles

Joseph Liu specialises in helping people to make the brave leap from corporate life into the world of the small business owner but, most importantly, into a world of doing something that you genuinely love waking up to do each and every  day.

He has just launched his new podcast Career Relaunch, in which he interviews a different inspirational guest in every show, who have all relaunched their careers, and talk in detail about the highs, the lows and the challenges they faced along the way.

He talks to us about his own journey - and his tips for career success.

"Changing careers can be a very lonely journey, especially if you’re making an unconventional move or starting your own business. I’ve been there. I quit medical school after 2 weeks to pursue a career in marketing. I left behind my predictable life in the US to recreate my life in the UK. And I said farewell to my stable corporate job to start my own business.

"Each time, I felt like I was off the beaten path, like everyone else was happily cruising along in their careers while I was disrupting mine.  

"Over time, I realised most people yearn for a career change. In fact, 87% of people are not fully engaged in their jobs, according to the research. Trust me, you’re not alone. Our day jobs take up most of our time and consume a large proportion of our lives. Particularly in the field of leadership and management, you’re often focused on the motivation, engagement and productivity of other people.

But how often do you take a step back to ask whether YOU are happy and fulfilled in your job? In my experience, working in a role that is mentally draining and unfulfilling can leave you feeling pessimistic about all aspects of life, affecting your relationships and mood.

If this sounds like you, perhaps it’s time to consider embarking on a career change and do something that makes you feel accomplished and more excited about ‘going to work’. Here are my top tips for relaunching your career:     

Take time to reflect

If you are part of the 87% who lack engagement with their job, as revealed by Gallup research, take a step back and reflect on your career path. Do you enjoy what you’re doing? Does your job contribute to your personal growth? Reflection is a crucial part of moving forward and will help you decide whether you need to relaunch your career. Once you can reflect on your current position, you can weigh up your options and decide which path forward you want to take.      

Take action

The thought of an uncertain future is worrying and it is often difficult to leave the comfort of your job in order to do something new. Most of us hate uncertainty and tend to meticulously evaluate situations which can lead to doubts and delays in our career changes. Trying to make the perfect move gets in the way of making a reasonably good move, or any move at all for that matter. This can leave you feeling stuck, exhausted and riddled with self-doubt. Focus on action, not excess analysis, when relaunching your career.

In my own career transitions, I’ve found that trying to make the perfect move doesn’t get me anywhere, whereas taking a leap into a direction that’s broadly right has helped me make actual progress.      

Don’t let the judgement of others deter you from your path

In times of transition, family and peers are often supportive. However, making a career change can lead to you feeling judged, where others’ opinions can deter you from moving forward. When relaunching your career, it is important to focus on your own goals and ambitions without letting the thought of ‘what will people think?’ hinder your progress.      

Give yourself permission to be unconventional

Don’t be afraid to be untraditional and move away from the norm. Doing something unconventional, such as quitting your job and starting a business, can be uncomfortable and risky and increase feelings of doubt and uncertainty. This fear often stops us from pursuing our career goals and moving forward with personal growth. Without change, you will struggle to move forward, so give yourself permission to embrace the uncertain and be unconventional.      

Accept that making mistakes is okay

The same fear that keeps people in unhappy jobs also fuels their anxiety of failing. You do not learn to ride a bike without falling off first, and those who persist and get back on the bike are those who succeed. Your career relaunch may not always run smoothly, but mistakes act as valuable learning tools that contribute to your personal growth. Don’t let failure stop you from reaching your goals.      

Reconsider your perception of wealth

For a lot of people, ‘wealth’ refers only to financial gain, suggesting that money is the sole measurement for success. Don’t get me wrong, I think money is important, but other aspects of your life also matter. Emotional wellbeing, health and your personal life are all important components of your wealth. Self-employment has expanded my perspective on ‘wealth,’ clarifying what I truly value that makes me happy. In order to successfully relaunch your career, realise that money is not the sole contributor to wealth and wellbeing. Embarking on a career relaunch is often about choosing the pursuit of happiness over the maintenance of financial stability.      

Know your goals, know your brand

Define who you are and what you stand for when you embark on a career change. Knowing your own personal brand will help you move forward and become who you want to be while gaining fulfilment out of work. Know your principles and what impact you want to have on others. Your personal brand is an expression of everything your stand for in your career and life and can help you move forward in the right direction. Hurdles will inevitably come up on your journey to a pursue more meaningful work, but remember that people who dare to fail can achieve greater things. Always remember your goals and ambitions, and embark on work that brings you happiness and fulfilment. Embrace change and relaunch your career today.      

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