Alan Macklin, Vice Chair of APM and Principal Programme Manager at Jacobs. Formally a Major General in the British Army

“Members of our Armed Forces are embedded in an environment that promotes high levels of personal development, resilience, self-discipline and commitment to a greater purpose than self; at all levels. During their service about 30 per cent of their time is spent training and that training is set in a context that recognises the need for adaptability to different circumstances.  Service leavers at all ages bring an unmatched ethos towards team work along with an ability to respond to changing circumstances and skills across a variety of trades.

This research analyses some of the issues facing Service leavers and employers: to the former it should give them confidence to adapt by learning a new language to sell their old skills: to the latter it shines a light to break down stereotyped views and opens a door to access untapped potential to transform their business performance.”