David Guillebaud's book on digital disruption is remarkable.

It is extremely integrative on the digital challenge, since it covers all aspects (including the organisational and leadership sides), and goes further than most by proposing a roadmap to becoming what he calls a ‘Digital Age Disruptor’.

For me, the most interesting part of the book was Part 3 – ‘Moving Beyond Denial: Obligations and Options for Survival’. One theme raised here was a real eye opener: the discussion of ‘platform-compatible business models’.

Of course, we all talk a lot about business models in business schools.

But I was unaware of the need to see the move to platform as a real survival ‘must’ for all businesses.

Rating 5/5

Published by LID Publishing, £19.99

Reviewed by Professor Jean Philippe Deschamps of INSEAD and Harvard Business School, an international innovation expert


This article was taken from the Autumn 2017 edition of Edge magazine.

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