The complexity of modern organisations and the volatility of the environments in which they operate, call for a new approach to working outside, and across, organisational boundaries. Yet, although we know that successful leadership encourages, facilitates and supports collaboration, specific collaborative aspects of leadership are not well understood. This research seeks to identify what is needed of leadership to deliver collaborative activity. 

The Institute of Leadership & Management, and Wildlife and Countryside Link undertook focus group research, drawing on the experiences of senior executives. We identified six essential leadership capabilities that are required for collaborative success:

  • Voice and Communication
  • Trust
  • Alignment of Organisational and Partnership Objectives
  • Governance
  • Capacity to Engage
  • Flexibility.

Download our Collaboration Cards, practical advice and helpful hints to assist your collaborative activity, here.

Read the report to understand what collaboration really means and how a collaborative approach to leadership is manifested. 

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“ACEVO and ACEVO members were pleased to be working with The Institute of Leadership & Management in the development of this report which we know will be valuable to all civil society leaders.”
Jenny Berry, Director of Leadership & Governance at ACEVO


“Wildlife and Countryside Link is the largest environment and wildlife coalition in England, bringing together 48 organisations to work collectively towards the protection of nature. Our interdependent structure demands effective collaboration to achieve our collective mission, so we are delighted to have partnered with The Institute of Leadership & Management on this Collaboration research to find ever more powerful ways of working together.”
Elaine King, Director of Wildlife and Countryside Link