• Failing to address mental health issues has had a significant impact on the economy, estimated to cost the UK £70 billion a year
  • Over two thirds of business leaders say their organisation needs to do more to prevent stress and half say that they have never been asked about depression, stress or anxiety
  • By embedding these two units across its core qualifications, ILM aims to directly address the skills gap associated with the management of mental health at work

The Institute of Leadership & Management has announced the availability of two new units allowing team leaders and managers to better manage the mental health of their teams.  Working in collaboration with Maudsley Learning, a community interest company (CIC) that specialises in developing learning programmes about mental health and the workplace, the Institute will be delivering practical support and guidance through nine of its most popular qualifications, as it seeks to improve the management of mental health in the workplace.

Mental ill-health has a significant impact on the workplace and on the wider economy. One in six employees is dealing with a mental health issue such as depression, anxiety or stress*. In 2014, the OECD reported that mental ill-health costs the UK economy an estimated £70 billion, equivalent to 4.5% of GDP a year.

Yet despite the impact of mental health and the regularity with which it arises in the workplace, managers have to date been given little or no support or guidance.  Over two thirds (69%) of business leaders admit their organisation needs to do more to prevent stress and half say they have never been asked about depression, stress or anxiety**.

The Institute of Leadership & Management is offering these new units to help managers develop much needed skills and capabilities. The flexible structure of ILM’s qualifications means learners of all levels will now be able to build this training into their courses, improving awareness and management of mental health issues at all levels of an organisation.

 Areas covered include: 

  • How to identify an individual who may be in need of support
  • Practical approaches to enable a person with mental health issues to balance their job with their health
  • How to improve mental health at an organisational level

Kate Cooper, Head of Head of Research & Policy, said: “Despite increased awareness many organisations are not equipping their people with the skills to manage individuals with mental health issues and to ensure general wellbeing across the business. The proportion of sickness absence due to mental health is 38%*** in the UK which means there is a fundamental need for managers to develop the skills to address this issue and these units will address this need. Maudsley Learning has an unrivalled level of expertise in this area and we have chosen to work with them in order to ensure that we are providing managers with the highest level of support possible.”

Frederica Marques, Learning Development Manager of Maudsley Learning, said; “Mental health is a key issue for everyone in the workplace and we are keen to create awareness of its importance and promote support for those with mental health issues. Working with ILM means we will be supporting managers across a range of organisations in the UK, enabling us to have a direct positive impact on the workplace and employees’ mental health across the country.”

* https://www.gov.uk/government/news/employers-urged-to-take-3-steps-to-improve-mental-health

** http://www.bupa.co.uk/Newsroom/OurViews/Half-of-all-employees-have-never-been-asked-about-mental-health


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