We’ve long talked about the importance of recognition when it comes to personal achievement and commitment to leadership and management development. It’s something we know our members relish from the feedback we receive and in this competitive world we live in, it’s increasingly important to ensure as an individual you know how to stand out against your peers.

With all this in mind, it’s with great excitement we have now launched our brand-new digital credentials for our Membership offer, meaning existing and new members of The Institute will be issued with a digital credential as a symbol of achievement and commitment to leadership and management development. All grades of membership have their own set of criteria which is clearly displayed in the credential descriptions, making it easy for others to identify skills and experiences held by the credential owner.

Using the most current tech platform, these credentials are fully verifiable and easily shared on social media; we’re already seeing credentials being shared and celebrated on LinkedIn in particular. We're one of few professional membership bodies using credentials in this way to recognise and verify valid membership status and we’re thrilled to be introducing innovative enhancements to our Membership offer.

Existing Institute of Leadership & Management members can view and share their digital credentials from their account profile area. If you’re new to The Institute and want in on the action, go here to see which member grade is right for you.